When you’re flying for business, Ace Continental Aviation will take good care of you. Where-ever you have to go, all things will be arranged for you. Professional, businesslike and with great care for you as customer.

safety pilot

Whenever you need a co-pilot, you can count on Ace Continental Aviation. With a great deal of flight hours, mr. Eecen offers you professional assistance and makes sure you will arrive safely.


Ace Continental Aviation has a lot of experience in training for the pilot’s licence. Base of the training is Lelystad and Schiphol Airport. 



If you want to sell your aircraft, Ace Continental Aviation offers you professional assistance and a big network of potential clients. Michiel Eecen has sold many aircrafts to satisfied customers.

aircraft ownership management

When buying an aircraft, there are many things to consider. Ace Continental Aviation can take a lot of things off your hands, to make sure you buy the right aircraft for you.


Does your aircraft need to be transported to another airport? This can also be arranged by Ace Continental, in an efficiënt and professional way.