Buying – Selling

With gaining experience, I have seen several cases where a potential owner did not make the right choices regarding buying an aircraft. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make decisions on which aircraft is suited for the task, equiped as required or if any (illegal) modifications are made. And besides the technical part, you definately don’t want to pay well over market value. Ace Contintental can assist you in all these decicions, as well as determine wich payload and crew requirements are best for you. A network of highly qualified specialists will assist you on the technical part. Contact me for further information and available aircrafts.  

Aircraft Ownerschip Management

Once you have purchased an aircraft, it is important to keep it in good shape. For this complex task, Ace Continental can provide consultancy assistance through good relations with maintenance organisations throughout Europe.¬†Also, Ace Continental can select suitable flight crews for your destinations.  

Ferry Flights

Once you have purchased an aircraft, it is most likely not at your homebase. Ace Aviation can bring your aircraft home, or transport it to your desired destination.

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